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Looking to improve the lives of the people in Brazil?

We’d love to talk to you. Whether you want to start a practice with us, learn how Biocase can help your particular organization or get additional general information, let us know and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Biocase might have interest for investors looking for additional Series A Round, as we already received SEED  and Series A investment rising near 30MM reais.

Our business is focused in 1) Local Distribution,  2) Education,  3) Production through local Facility and a 4) proprietary Biotech Lab for Psychedelic New Drug Development (Pslocybin extraction and its nanoencapsulation ) and Cannabis  full lab analysis.

Biocase is not a company for your organization if you need/want develop new sales platforms, new business in EUA.

Biocase has a strong vision regarding B2B distribution and developed strong formal partnerships with remarkable companies in USA and Colombia. 


Biocase - Canabinoides e Enteógenos Medicinais


Biocase LLC Foundation

Two Brazilan entrepreneurs found Biocase LLC in USA.



SEED Capital

Biocase project receives Seed Capital contribution from a Brazilian Office Family



First Valuation Lock


Plena Global Holdings Agreement

Exclusive Representation Agreement of Plena Global Holdings brand in Brazil for THC high quality products coming from Colombia.



Biocase Brasil Foundation

Biocase Brasil Foundation aims Distribution, Commerce, Education, Biotechnology and Innovation in Medical Cannabis and Entheogens.



Educational Program

On-line and in-person Educational Program launched.  During the previous year, Biocase Brasil got license for post-grade training from local Ministry of Education.


Allandiol Full Spectrum

First Allandiol CBD Full-Spectrum import accomplished.


1500 MDs Trained

We have reached the mark of 1500 trained MDs  and have started training dentists and veterinaries.



Second Valuation Lock


CertBio Partnership

A Parternship has been established with Paraíba University Lab for development of a Biotechnology Unit for  Psilocybin and DMT nano-encapsulation, as well as proprietary structure for cannabis laboratory analyses and  stability studies for Zone IVb.

CertBio is one of the most well reputed institutions in Brazil.




MECA’s firt edition – An 100% classic Medical Congress involving international and local specialists to dicuss science and future innovation of medical cannabis.

MECA – Medical Expo Cannabis Brazil.




Allandiol Portfolio

A new and complete Allandiol CBD family of products development.


Biotech Lab

Biocase in partnership with Certbio launched the basis of a brandnew Biotech Lab for cannabis analises and new entheogens products (psilocybin).



Stability Studies

Biocase begins the stability studies for Zone IVb in a proprietary structure


First Drug Prototype

First drug prototype for psilocybin nano-encapsulation


Psilocybin License

We get the first license we needed to start working with Psilocybin in a Lab


International Patents

First patent deposits related to extraction, conversion and Psilocyn nano-encapsulation.



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